Why should you color code your move?

Ok, it is time to move again. You already know you must organize the whole process, forge a packing plan, and search for reliable Bronx movers. But probably the most important thing in the whole story is to stay organized. And the hardest part is to keep your packing organized. If you do it randomly as you go, you will waste a lot of time and eventually hurt your budget. Therefore, let us help you color-code your move and keep it organized as much as possible.

Create your moving plan first

Before you can choose the right labeling system and color-code your move, you must inspect your belongings. Take a tour of the house and note down all your belongings and furniture you must pack. Note everything down on your moving checklist and start creating an inventory list. Once you have everything on paper, you can start calculating moving costs and packing materials requirements. And this is the moment to start searching for the moving companies Queens who will help you finalize your moving plan.

Make a relocation plan and color code your move
Carefully create your moving plan before you apply the labeling system.

Color code your move for easier packing

Now, if you want to use the color-coding system, you should obtain markers of various colors. Then, match each color with a room in your new home. Then, create a detailed label for each box and the piece of furniture to match the corresponding room. You can use markers to make doodles on boxes or labels with a detailed description. Or you can use a label and mark it with the appropriate color. All in all, use any combination you like just remember, do not use markers on your furniture. For obvious reasons. Also, you should pack in the right order so you can unpack in the same fashion and have an easier time overall.

A couple of markers in various colors
Choose the right color and mark your boxes in the right way.

It is safer

If you label your cargo in the right way and inform your movers about it, your relocation will be much safer. So, color-code your move and create a short guide on paper and provide it to your movers. Once they know which color matches which room, they will sort it out as soon as they unload the truck. This way you will avoid rotating boxes and furniture all over the place because movers left them wherever they felt like it. Moreover, if you want to skip the whole packing process you should check moving services queens NY. You can purchase packing services and let your moving professionals bring materials, pack, and unpack. It is a good investment and a safe one as well.

Color code your move for easier unpacking

And of course, if you label your boxes the right way, you will have much easier unpacking. From the beginning, you’ll know where your items are. More importantly, in which box exactly. So you can even add a matching number system where you match the number with the content on your inventory list. It will help you inspect your cargo upon the delivery and you’ll have a less stressful relocation overall. So, here are a few categories you can use:

  • Living room, bedroom, and guestroom.
  • Kitchen and bathroom.
  • Garage, attic, basement, and storage.

And now you know how to color-code your move. As you can see it is fairly easy as long as you invest some time to create your inventory list from the beginning. Then simply choose a system you like the most. We are sure you’ll conduct a safe and pleasant relocation. Good luck.

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