Your first college apartment checklist

Whether you are moving from home or a dorm, living in a college apartment brings many perks. But, you must bring a few more items to support this lifestyle. And before you do it, you must make a first college apartment checklist, pack, and contact your movers NYC. So, let us help you assemble this list today and ensure you do not forget a thing.

Let’s add bathroom items to your first college apartment checklist

You will have a bit more responsibilities now when you are living in a college apartment. Yes, you must clean it! So, this means you’ll need a set of basic cleaning chemicals to support it. Then, you must bring a shower curtain, bathmat, soap dispensers, and a few hooks to hang your towels on. Also, a mirror and all your makeup, soaps, hair conditioners, etc. And finally, all the toiletries one bathroom should have. Do not forget your favorite towels and a bathrobe.

Than the kitchen

Like any other kitchen, you should already have basic stuff installed. All you must do is bring a kitchen table and a few chairs. Of course, depending on which kind of apartment you rented, you might have all the appliances there or none at all. If this is the case, you should bring the ones you need the most. Usually, those are a coffee maker, toaster, and a microwave. Hopefully, you have a fridge there already. If not, you must bring one as well. And for the other kitchen items, you will need a few pots, pans, skillets, and a full dining set. Also, a few cups, mugs, glasses, bowls, plates, and random utensils. You want to have enough in case you have friends over.

Kitchen counter and a stove
Bring the essentials to support your culinary skills.

Additionally, if you intend on improving your cooking skills in spare time, you should obtain all the spices and ingredient to support it. Furthermore, after all the cooking, you must clean as well. This means you should purchase a few kitchen cleaning products and you’ll be fine.

And bedroom

Your bedroom is your safe haven. This is a place to rest and study. Hence, make it comfortable as it can be. Bring the following items and keep it simple:

  • Bedframe, mattress, pillows, blankets, and sheets.
  • Nightstand, a lamp, a mirror, and an alarm clock.
  • Wardrobe, dresser, baskets, and hangers.
  • Area rug, drapes, and curtains.

Although, if you intend on transporting the bed from your home, you should contact your long island city movers at least a week before your move. They can easily support this request and transport all your stuff in a day. Add this to your first college apartment checklist as well.

Finishing off with the living room

You will probably spend most of your time in the living room. This means you’ll need quite a bit of furniture in there. Obviously, a sofa or a couch, along with a coffee table, a few chairs, lamps, and a full TV set. Also, you’ll need a wardrobe, cupboard, and/or something similar. Bring your favorite pillows and blankets as well. Finally, throw in a few paintings, plants, a rug, and a family photo. You are all set.

Your first college apartment checklist should include all your favorite items
Make a first college apartment checklist, bring your favorite items, and put them in the living room. Now you’ll feel at home.

Note that you can refresh your home on a budget and it is recommended to do so before moving in. Be sure to clean the entire place thoroughly and consider changing the drapes and painting the walls. It is a small investment that will keep your home fresh throughout the year.

Add to your first college apartment checklist whatever you think is necessary

You will need various random items from time to time. So, you should bring the ones you can’t live without. Usually, those are a vacuum cleaner, duster, and all cleaning-related accessories. Also, you’ll need miscellaneous items like scissors, measuring tape, packing tape, extension cords, a basic toolkit, etc. And do not forget to fill your medicine cabinet adequately. At least have a first aid kit with you.

And this is it, now you can start assembling your first college apartment checklist. Feel free to add anything you like. Hopefully, you have an apartment large enough to bring everything you need. Good luck.

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